When a crisis becomes an opportunity

English: Logo for Food Network

Faced with a crisis in your industry, what is your first thought?

A friend of mine sent me an interesting example this week of how one a piece of simple creativity can turn a crisis into an opportunity.

This one is courtesy of the Food Network who sent their subscribers the following email on Wednesday January 16th, 2013:

116 Homemade Burger

Say ‘neigh’ to shop-bought burgers and make your own at home. Whether beef, chicken or pork takes your fancy, layer between crisp salad, gooey cheese and a lightly-toasted bun

See our 116 burger recipes…

Out of context this won’t really be appreciated however if I tell you that this was the same week as it emerged that horse meat and horse DNA had been found in frozen beef burgers stocked by a number of leading supermarket chains, you will then appreciate the timing of this little nugget.