It’s a start…

Well here we go – the start of my journey into blogging – sharing what is going on in my head, my world.

I have resisted starting a blog in the past, maybe a little out of fear of never having anything to say; becoming too introspective, or just not having anything original to say – a small whisper in an overcrowded room.

But doesn’t everyone have that thought to begin with? Don’t most people start blogging as a way to make sense of their lives, to have a say, to make themselves heard? It’s about joining the conversation.

As Susan Jeffers says “Feel the fear and do it anyway”.

And so what do I hope to achieve with this exercise? What have I got to say? I am going to talk about what I know best, what I am involved in every day; engaging with my customers, listening to what they are telling me and each other, and using that information to provide a better service and delight them right back.

I believe in excellence in everything, striving for the best rather than the adequate. But this attitude isn’t created overnight; it takes practise. As Aristotle said so wisely, ‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit’.

Through these blogs, I hope to celebrate examples of excellent customer service, stakeholder engagement, brand management, marketing, communication and design, whilst also learning from the worst.

This is a journey I am embarking on – opening my eyes to what is around me and applying the learning to my own practice. I do hope you will join me on this process of personal development.