Well my organisation is again a Superbrand (for the fifth time).

When we think about the notion of a brand, we often confuse it with the visual identity; logo and style. However in the true nature of a brand, it is all about what the perception of the product, organisation or service is. As Jay Ehret says “It is the emotional and psychological relationship you have with your customers”.

So what emotions, thoughts, ideas are conjured up when you look at some of the examples of the brand above. If you have had no connection with the organisation before, you will probably have very little to say about it, other than perhaps recognising the artistry involved.

However if you have every had the joy of connecting with Warwick Business School, I hope you see these alternive logos as a creative and dynamic way of representing the true spirit or nature of the School; entrepreneurial, creating inspired and interesting individuals, looking at things differently.

Whether you like the individual logo styles or not, you must agree that the very creation of them is in an effort to live out the true brand of the organisation.

I would be really interested to hear what you think – let me know.


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